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About the Queens University Medical School Bursary Fund Canada continues to have a shortage of doctors with an estimated 3.6 million Canadians not  having a regular doctor. In Ontario alone 23% of the 20,000 practicing doctors will retire in  the next 5 years.   The Queen’s Medical Student Bursary was established in 2002 to assist students in  securing a medical education and as of February 2017 the fund has disbursed $812,300 to  245 medical students in financial need.   Tuition alone for a first year medical student is just over $25,000. When you add the cost of  four years of tuition plus monthly living expenses, it is no surprise that without financial  assistance, many students will finish medical school with over $150,000 in debt.  With about 50% of Queen’s medical students receiving financial assistance every year, it is  no wonder that many students need to access loan funding of over $100,000 to afford this  investment in their future.  Support for medical students through financial aid and funds like the Medical Student  Bursary continue to be an important fundraising priority for Queen’s. Last year, the  tournament raised $53,245 with the generous support of Queen’s alumni, students, faculty,  local industry and community leaders.  The Queen’s Medical Student Bursary helps our students invest in their futures as doctors,  researchers, practitioners and innovators. If you’d like to help us make that figure even  bigger, why not register a team or become a sponsor!         
About the Bursary Fund